The LIght

The shines on humaninty,
But many still close their eyes,
Fear and doubt in the collective wound and paralyze.

The light shines on humanity,
But many refuse to believe,
Instead they glue their eyes to the blue light of the TV.

Look up, wide eyes, and see,
The light shines on humanity,
Each person, animal and insect has its destiny.

The light shines on humanity,
Open your heart and trust
In eternal, infinite love,
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Let go of the illusion
All fear, judgment and doubt,
Open to the light in and around you,
Breath in, breath out.

Breath in Divine Love,
Breath out Love so Divine
Feel Love guiding you,
Healing you,
Inspiring you,
Illuminating your mind.

The light shines onhumanity,
Yet few truly see,
That this light guiding humanity,
Is the inteligente force of free will and destiny.

Each one has a choice,
Within the wheel of time,
Either love or fear will be what defines.

As the Earth quakes and the sea moans,
As we tremble, shake, cry and rejoice,
What will be your ultimate choice?

The light shines on humanity,
Those who believe, shine too,
In love, we rise and serve.
Because this is what we choose to do.

By Lauren Elizabeth Walsh
Founder and CEO of Global Sisterhood.

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